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MADNESS DAY 2011 --- Dad II Episode 4 and Broken Madness

2011-07-28 10:19:57 by ACE-Corn

Okay so...Dad4 is a definite release, and Broken Madness is a little side deal I've started up. It's just a little short movie, and I think it will be kinda fun.

(But don't set ur expectations too high on how cool it will be) I WILL DEFINITELY RELEASE IT <<<< Whether It's done or not, I really don't care hahaha


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2011-08-06 08:49:40

hells yea son!

ACE-Corn responds:

ok so i lied


2011-08-30 07:22:05

DAD back :D


2011-11-04 10:03:24

is recapitulation II dead ?

ACE-Corn responds:

naw once i finish school shit and get some free time at the end of the semester, I'll be able to make a good flash.