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whos this ace-corn fellow?

2011-04-18 20:32:57 by ACE-Corn

and wtf is he doing around these parts?

lol whatsup newgrounds, been busy with life, but actually animating a bit again. Making a bunch of parts for ForNoReason's 5 second collab, go check that out here!

Other than that, I've just started minor work on Part 4 of Dad's incredible adventure. Expect some hella crazy stuff, people!


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2011-04-18 20:59:46

did you was at website? (at his forums, or shoutbox, around 06 or earlier)

just asking, cos there was an ACE CORN there.

hi there. pm me, or post at my page

ACE-Corn responds:

ummm idk man, it was probably me, i was on like 50 forums those days.


2011-04-18 21:34:24

I've heard of you. You're a decent animator.


2011-06-17 02:13:32

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