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Old Project Restarted.

2008-01-19 10:34:09 by ACE-Corn

Who saw this coming?

Who wants to guess?

Old Project Restarted.

Finally, your chance to make a retard flash like these!

[Follow it or join it here.]


2007-12-29 20:56:26 by ACE-Corn


-No Agitaiton 3
-I'm starting to work on Dad 3 again
-Click this
-TIA 3 is more active
-TIA RPG is up and not active (lul)
-Kamikaze is awesome
-Vlaew is awesome


Finally, Dad 3.

2007-12-09 16:28:22 by ACE-Corn

I'm also alive.

Finally, Dad 3.

Dad II - Episode 1

2007-11-13 23:36:30 by ACE-Corn

Five this shit up.

Logo making...Lol.

2007-11-11 13:57:22 by ACE-Corn

I made a logo for Nillerz' Website.. But, he has the 5 logos that we've all made for him on a cycle. So, refresh it until you see mine. Cheers, Newgrounds!


I don't know if these two will be used yet, but whatever.

Site Back online!

2007-11-04 20:00:47 by ACE-Corn

After a 3 month break, I finally got my site back online. Rojoice!

Happy Holloween, Newgrounds.

2007-10-31 22:47:45 by ACE-Corn

I bring? News of Agitation 3. You can expect it by December 30th. If not, then in early January.

Well K.

Recapitulation I finished!

2007-10-15 16:17:59 by ACE-Corn

See? I met my deadline.

[View it and Five it here.]

Phwew. The last 3 seconds were a major pain in the ass. Anyways, 52%, 23.8 Seconds, and Scene 2; Completed!

Have a screenshot.

Recapitulation I - Scene 2 Complete!