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oh hey dad

2011-11-21 20:48:11 by ACE-Corn



real soon


oh hey dad

Okay so...Dad4 is a definite release, and Broken Madness is a little side deal I've started up. It's just a little short movie, and I think it will be kinda fun.

(But don't set ur expectations too high on how cool it will be) I WILL DEFINITELY RELEASE IT <<<< Whether It's done or not, I really don't care hahaha


2011-07-27 18:15:58 by ACE-Corn

hard to get back into the internet world...

but still touching dad4 now and again..its pretty cool so far,

(if anyone cares) It's coming for Madness Day.. i think its 2011 right.. yeah.


5 second collab

2011-05-04 21:34:34 by ACE-Corn

go check it out now! and 5 it!
right har:

Dad I love you so much

2011-04-19 20:50:05 by ACE-Corn

actually making steady progress on Dad4. Idunno man, I've just been in a animating binge lately.

Anyway, the plan as of RIGHT NOW, if i continue at the rate im going, is to have dad 4 out soon, then dad5 for madness day!

And heres a little tease:

Dad I love you so much

whos this ace-corn fellow?

2011-04-18 20:32:57 by ACE-Corn

and wtf is he doing around these parts?

lol whatsup newgrounds, been busy with life, but actually animating a bit again. Making a bunch of parts for ForNoReason's 5 second collab, go check that out here!

Other than that, I've just started minor work on Part 4 of Dad's incredible adventure. Expect some hella crazy stuff, people!

Um hi.

2010-06-23 22:30:24 by ACE-Corn

Woah I rediscovered my computer. Been busy, but I'm getting right back to work on all my projects, expect at least 2 this summer/early fall. DWTFYW: The Game and Retard RE. Not saying much else right now. Peace

Wait a minute

2010-02-26 20:19:05 by ACE-Corn


Bear with me I lost everything on my computer so I need to start from scratch but hey.

In due time.

Wait a minute

Madness Day Submission

2009-09-21 21:35:05 by ACE-Corn

Dad 3 is finally completed after nearly 2 years (not of constant work oh god don't get me wrong)

VOET 5 tonight and of course tomorrow on madness day 2009!

"Dad II - Episode 3" is completed.

If you're looking around saying NO ITS NOT LOL, well, wait 'til madness day, fucking idiots.


ps: pardon me for poor image quality, I don't feel like opening photoshop to make it look good.

After another hard day of animating...